Self Defense and Shooting Courses

Hand to Hand Skills (H2H)


Using a firearm is not always practical.  Having skills to escape and evade an attacker is always useful.

Womens only classes available.

Blade Skills

Blade defensive skills are a must.  In this course you learn how to employ a blade for self defense.

Learning how to use a knife effectively for self defense is paramount.  This is a must have course if you own a knife.

Pistol Skills 1-5


These courses are very popular.  Every student has a background check or presents their Concealed Carry license as a prerequisite.

Low Light No Light


These courses are designed for LEO and Deploying Military members that are going overseas. There is a reason why the U.S. Infantry says "It owns the night"

Tactical Shotgun


Everyone owns a shotgun.  Not everyone knows how to load it quickly.  This course is designed to teach you how to manipulate your pump or semi-auto with ease.

Specialized Guest Instructors


APA Training Group recognizes that our Cadre of APA Instructors LEO Specialist Jason Mejia we can always learn "New Tricks"  So we will host companies like Ronin Tactics to come in and teach the Group.

APA & NRA Instructor level courses

NRA Basic Courses


Home Firearm Safety

Basic Pistol

Basic Rifle

Basic Shotgun

Range Safety Officer

Personal Protection inside the home

Personal Protection outside the home

NRA Instructor Courses

Instructor Leve

Pistol Instructor

Rifle Instructor

Shotgun Instructor

Chief Range Safety Officer

Personal Protection Inside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

APA Tactical Carbine Skill 1-5


Beginner to Advanced Carbine skills with America's Modern Sporting Rifle.